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- This web site is intended to supplement the Tone Alert/Voice paging system.  You are hereby advised that the exclusive reliance of this site as a means of alerting you or your agency is highly discouraged.  44-Control assumes no responsibility for your use of this web site as a means of notification.

- There will be times when FireWatch will be taken offline for server maintenance and/or updates.  This downtime can occasionally be prolonged, lasting several hours or more.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated regarding this.

- FireWatch is a real-time feed of fire incidents from 44-Control's Computer Aided Dispatch System.  The Active and Past Fire Incident displays will auto-refresh on their own, it is not necessary to refresh manually.  Active Incidents may take up to 1 minute to display after dispatch is complete, and Past Incidents may take up to 5 minutes to display after an incident is signed off (Signals 14&15).  Please note that because of the time difference between auto-refresh, recently completed incidents may take a few minutes to display on the Past Incidents screen, and will seem to have disappeared from the system.  This is normal behavior.

 - On occasion, the FD field may show a value that is unexpected or unfamiliar.  One example that might be seen is a mutual aid unit displaying instead of the home dept.  Another example is CHK_SRN which is a reminder for the dispatcher that wasn't cleared properly.

 - Most calls for mutual aid within the county are displayed as separate incidents, however the "Disptach Date/Time" is that of the initial Department's dispatch and the "Close Date/Time" is derived from the final close of call, not the individual departments sign off times.

 - The FD # for each incident is clickable, and will show a list of units assigned to the incident.  This is not a comprehensive list of all units assigned, it simply shows the units that were acknowledged by the dispatcher.  As stated above, mutual aid units will also show up on this list, however the individual apparatus may not show up if an officer has already signed in service and has been assigned to the incident.

 Any questions about the FireWatch page can be emailed to firewatch@44-control.com


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